Welcome to KumiCatss!!

KumiCatss Kittycats Market is a multi breedable SIM with multiple
auctions each week.
We are a family friendly kid safe SIM. 

Our Rentals

We offer a variety of rental options. From several sizes of stores to carts we will have something that fits your needs.
We also have specialty areas as well.
Here you can sell your Megas or other size Kitycats or we even have a place for collector kitties.


    We have multiple auctions that you can participate in.
    Come check out our auctions and stick around for a while.

Please be aware of our rules

This is a family safe SIM so;

    Please dress accordingly. Keep your pixels covered.
    Do NOT harass others.
    No begging.
    No HATE, NO Bullying, No Abuse

You are a guest

Remember if you are participating in an auction on KumiCatss,
the auctioneer makes their rules for their auction. Not KumiCatss.
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