About KumiCatss

Hello, my name is Kumiko Taikomachi.
I found Second Life on 09/18/2013.

At some point I found KittyCats.
My first Kitty was given to me on November 6th, 2015 her name is Queen Babe she is 1574 days old.
I have always loved kitty cats in RL so when I was gifted my first KittyCat I fell in love.
You know what I mean because if you are here or reading this you have been got by a KittyCat!

Since that time my single goal is to provide others a safe place to come and enjoy their Second Life experience and their Kittcats business in a safe and fun place.

KumiCatss Lil Secret Smile KittyCats Market

On May 24th, 2018 Kumiko Taikomachi took over the SIM so the previous owners could follow
their awesome DJ careers on Second Life.
You know that DJing on second life is demanding...

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