Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to many frequently asked questions. So if you have a question feel free to ask.

Q: I am trying to set up my store but everytime I try to place something
I get a message stating the land owner doesn't allow it.

A: The most common reason for this is you are not wearing your KumiCatss tag.
Wearing this tag is required in order to rez your items.
Joining Kumicats is free.

Click on the land and choose about land.
then in the general tab join the group.

Q: I see store with different colors. Can I change the color of mine?
A: Contact Kumiko regarding this question.

Q: Can I bring my own building?

A: Due to keeping the SIM looking as it is, not all buildings will be allowed.
Please contact me and show me what you would like and we will go from there.
This will be handled on a case by case situation.
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